Law Office

Overview of legal services

Mgr. Hana Malinkovičová's law firm offers legal services to legal entities and private individuals. The law firm takes pride in the high quality of its services and provides an individual approach to each particuar client and case. The priority is to satisfy the client's requirements to the maximum possible degree and to find the optimal solution for their legal needs. It goes without saying that any facts learned during the provision of legal services are kept strictly confidential.

Legal services can also be provided in English. 


Provision of legal services

The law firm provides complex legal services consisting of legal consultation, drafting of written opinions or analyses of specific questions, proposal of solutions or approaches in given situations, negotiation with counterparties, preparation of contracts or other documentation and representation before the civil or arbitration court or administrative authorities. The law firm specialises in the following legal areas;

Commercial law: complex services connected with founding business companies, drafting and commenting on commercial contracts, including contracts entered into in international commercial relations, representation during negotiations with business partners of the client and other legal subjects, enforcing claims from regular business relations, transfers of business share, recording changes in the commercial register, representation in court proceedings in commercial law matters, as well as in arbitration proceedings, bills of exchange, custody of securities and other instruments;

Civil law: drafting and commenting on contracts, including contracts on transfer of real estate with the possibility to put the purchase price in escrow, rental, mortgage and easement contracts, dispute resolution, damage claims, representation in court proceedings and in proceedings before the cadastral authority;

Labour law: drafting and commenting on any and all labour law related documents (contracts on work, agreements on work performed outside employment relationships, agreements on liability, resignation, immediate termination of employment relationship, etc.), invalid termination of employment relationship and representation in these disputes, complex advice for entrepreneurs in the labour law area;

Intellectual property law: protection of trademarks, licence agreements;

Family law: representation in divorce proceedings, representation in proceedings on custody of a minor child (entrusting the child into care and setting of alimony) and in proceedings on settlement of common marital property, including drafting of relevant agreements, representation in alimony proceedings.